Hi and thanks for taking time to view my site.  Let me give you a quick tour of my background.


Having worked in the Corporate Arena (in IT) since graduating from Middlesex University in the 90’s I always wanted to be my own boss. I tried a number of ventures alongside my day job and although I had some successes they were not significant enough to become my career. That changed in 2008 when I started my IT Consultancy business, a struggle for the first year but since has been going from strength to strength each year. Why did this one work? I got a coach. 


I was focussed on the day to day work for my customers, not a bad thing at all but I lost focus on getting me what I wanted from my business and ended up in the cycle of 16 hour days and not meeting my personal goals (more time with the family, better holidays and a decent work life balance). 

My coach helped me focus on what areas of my business needed more of my effort and when I could leave them to manage themselves and focus on the next each time improving and ultimately increasing my revenue.

In 2017 I took a moment to look back at the previous 12 months (something you will become familiar with if we work together) and I acknowledged that my passion lays with helping others firstly to define and then reach their goals both personal and in business.

So later that year I trained as a Transformational Coach and launched my Coaching Practice in which time I have helped a number of small business owners improve their lives through improving their business’ performance. I also work with select individuals who are looking for career coaching and mentoring.


But I didn’t want to stop there so in 2020 I became an EC Licenced Coach which give me a framework to tailor to any business looking to grow.



So how I can help your business: - 


Coaching for your Start Up


As a start up you’ll already have a lot of plates spinning and this is the time where the correct decisions about how you are going to run your business are crucial. Coaching can make this phase much less overwhelming by helping you map out your strategies for: - 


  • Business Planning

  • Company and Business Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Acquisition Coaching

Coaching for Business Growth


As an established business, you are now looking to grow to the next level which ultimately means more customers. Coaching for your business will focus on improving the bottom line by focussing on the rhythmic acquisition of new customers as well as reviewing your current processes to minimise overheads. Using my EC Licenced techniques, I will help you map out the strategy for your business to meet your goals.


  • Customer Acquisition Coaching

  • Marketing Review and Strategy

  • Overheads Review and Strategy

  • Review your processes



DFY (Done for You)


Although during our coaching journey you will learn techniques that will allow you to run all your marketing in house some clients choose not to do this themselves (they either don’t want to or would rather focus their efforts on other areas of their business) so my team and I offer to do it for you. We can help with: -  

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Website Design

  • Website SEO Optimisation



I have worked with companies specialising in the following areas: -


IT (infrastructure providers and software developers)

Financial Services

Leisure and Retail (Training provider and retail outlets)

Holistic Therapies (hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists)

Fitness and Nutrition (Personal Trainers and Nutritionists)

Professional Services (Virtual Assistant)

Coaches (life coaches)

Trades (Roofing Contractors, Electricians)

Start Ups 

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